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Create a sale

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Straight from your mobile, anywhere, anytime. Get your items online fast by snapping a pic with your camera or uploading a photo. Create a sale to sell multiple items at once. You get to choose which item can be picked up or shipped, saving you and your buyers time. It’s easy, fun, and free. Join today!

Create an online store in minutes. Retailers can update their sale items daily, and shoppers can see ‘in store’ promotions online.
Easily add items to sell

Add items to sell within seconds! Buying and Selling made easy.
Available Globally

BlueShak is now available for download everywhere. Buy and sell items from around the world on your phone, simply and easily.
Create a sale

Create a sale, select multiple items to sell, snap your pics and away you go.

Create a sale

Creating a sale, to sell multiple items at once, couldn’t be easier. Pick your items, snap a few pics to upload, and then you’re ready to go! You can tell your buyers which items are available for pick up and which can be shipped. Buyers will be able to find your items online and search for items with a specific radius.

Retailers – create an online store now

New feature coming soon!

Get your products online quickly and easily. Snaps items with your mobile camera and upload under your store name and logo, or bulk upload multiple products at once. Update sale items and in-store promotions daily to increase foot traffic. Allow shoppers to browse your products online and find sale items within a particular radius.

Help shoppers find your products online
Upload your products easily
Locate products within a desired radius

Revolutionise the way you buy and sell

The wait is finally over. Buy, sell, be social.

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Create your own social page, rate and review items and share them with friends.

Buyers will earn BluBux credits for every dollar spent through associated retail stores. Use BluBux to get exclusive discounts on retail products.